#184 FRIDAY'S CHILD Nancy Ann Storybook Doll HP w/BOX

Here is a 5.5” tall hard plastic Nancy Ann Storybook Doll from the 1950’s, all original:

ü She is #184, “Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving,” from the Dolls of the Day Series. We will call her simply “Friday’s Child.”

ü She has frozen legs and moveable arms. She has painted eyes and a sweet face. In her right hand, she holds her little “gift” tied on with pink ribbon.

ü She is wearing a light blue and white striped dress, which has a row of white lace and silver trim at the bottom of the skirt. At her waist, she has a cute flower attached to a pink ribbon, which cascades down the front of her dress.

ü Covering her gorgeous blonde hair, Friday’s Child wears a little pink felt bonnet with blue trim. It is held on her head by a pink ribbon, which matches the ribbon on her skirt and her gift. Her pink felt bonnet is very nice.

ü For your reference, a very similar doll is shown on page 172 of the Encyclopedia of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, Volume 2 (Blue Book) by Pardee & Robinson.

ü Her dress is secured in back by a small gold snap. I can see no spots or stains on any part of her dress. The dress is slightly wrinkled from being stored, but is very crispy.

ü Her long pantalets are of white cotton, matching her white slip. Her slip is very clean. Her pantalets have one
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