1840 Orestes Brownson UNITARIAN Currency Banks Credit

1840 Orestes Brownson UNITARIAN Currency Banks FINANCIALPANIC…..

January1840 issue of the BOSTON QUARTERLY REVIEW. The Boston Quarterly Review was published by an interesting guy -- Orestes Brownson. Brownson (1803–1876) was a New England intellectual and activist, preacher, labor organizer, and writer. At the time he published this Review, Brownson was a Unitarian, affilitated with the New England Transcendentalists. Several years later, he converted to Roman Catholicism. Contributors included George Bancroft, Margaret Fuller, George Ripley, and Elizabeth Peabody. Brownson was something of a radical, and criticized the unequal social distribution of wealth as un-Christian and unprincipled. In this particular issue, he writes a 20 page “introductory statement” in which he explains his policy and position regarding religion and politics. It seems that he had ceased publishing the Review earlier, and is now starting up again, and is explaining the circumstances. The issue also includes a lengthy article on THE CURRENCY, on banking, credit and currency, no doubt stimulated by the fact they they were still suffering from the effects of the financial Panic of 1837.

BOSTON QUARTERLY REVIEW, NO. IX, JANUARY 1840, Orestes Brownson, et al, Boston: Benjamin H. Greene, 1840. 6 x 9.5 inches. 136 pages. This is the full Review, including
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