1840 Type Cavalry Saber Sword & Scabbard

This is an 1840 type saber, probably German made, of the type carried by both sides in the US Civil War, as well as in the Mexican War. It is almost completely unmarked, except for the number 81, which is stamped on both the pommel and the guard. The guard and pommel are brass, deeply toned. The leather wrapped grip is about 98% intact, and the wire wrap is complete. The grip is very dry, and the wire has slipped a bit, but is tight. The scabbard is complete, and in good shape, but has some visible solder. The blade, which is 35 7/8 inches long, is a mixture of bright and dark spots. T appears to be no pitting. T are a number of minor edge nicks, one about 16 inches from the point being fairly deep. but in no way threatening the integrity of the blade. The blade may have been refinished at some point, as the cross-polishing at the ricasso is very bright. The fit of the scabbard is good, but not perfect. The sword in scabbard overall is 44 inches long. The sword is very tight to the hilt.
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