1844 HAMPTONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA LETTER TO USS FRIGATE SAVANNAH - Fabulous handwritten letter from home, Hamptonville, NC, Aug. 25, 1844, 3 1/2pp, 7.5" x 12.5", with integral stampless address leaf sent to Midshipman R[obert] C[arson] Duvall, U. S. Navy Pacific Squad, Frigate Savannah, Care of Naval Dept. Washington City, DC. Manuscript cover, double letter, 50 rate crossed out.

The USS Savannah , Captain Andrew Fitzhugh, joined the Pacific Squadron as flagship in 1844. On July 7, 1846, the Squadron captured Monterey without firing a shot during the Mexican-American War. Savannah returned to New York for repairs in September 1847.

The letter was written by Calvin Cowles (3pp) with news from home including election, local gossip. Plus, back page by young siblings, A. C. Cowles and M. M. Cowles. Excerpts:

"You are so remote that it seems that what we write can never reach you."

"We have elected our Gov. by 3,000 votes (Graham) over his opponent (Hoke) which ensures the state to Clay."

"The last account we have you ware at Callao. You are going California then for a long cruise in Pacific. I wish you to collect me a few curiosities...in looking at the map of the world I see a heap of litt[le] island. I wish you would bring us a few along to put on Martha's mantle piece. Bring Owhyhee [Hawaii]
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