1847 Samuel Colt's Cousin Roswell At Paterson NJ Society Useful Manuf. Document

This is a super nice old double sided framed historical document dated March 15, 1847. The first part of the document reads as follows: This Indenture made this fifteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven between "THE SOCIETY FOR ESTABLISHING USEFUL MANUFACTURES". in the state of New Jersey of the one part , and George Carr etc.. etc... The document mentions the town of Paterson NJ and give boundries of a piece of property located on Ward Street Paterson NJ. I have done some research and evidently this was one of Americas first industrial areas. Samuel Colt built his first gun manufacture company "The Patent Arms Company" in Paterson NJ and Roswell (a very prominent business man) played a very important roll in assisting his younger cousin Samuel Colt. As you can see the document is signed and sealed by Roswell Colt. If anyone has any additional info I would be very appreciative to hear from you. Below is a brief summary of Samuel Colt and Roswell Colt relationship in regards to the Patent Arms Company. The frame measures approx. 21.5" x 17.5" and is double sided glass frame.

When Sam Colt returned to America in 1832, he paid Boston and Baltimore gunsmiths to build a number of test revolvers using cap and nipple designs as the firing mechanism on the guns. To pay for the work,
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