Rare 1850 letter from crewman of the USS Constitution

For sale is an 1850 letter from USS Constitution crewman Albion Dennison. In it, he writes about the Sloop of War Jamestown, the death of his captain and a marine, and visits by Pope Pius IX and the King of Naples (the Two Sicilies). He writes of coming home next fall but, sadly, he died at sea. The complete text of the letter will follow this description. This is a very rare and unique piece of US history. I ship by USPS priority insured.
Mrs Jane L Dennison
Maine U.S. Frigate Constitution
Genoa February 26th 1850
Dear Sister it is with pleasure that I write these Few lines to let you no that I am well and hearty And hope these few lines will find you the same We are now here at our winter quarters and have Been here since last November the Sloop of War Jamestown is here with us she has got her orders For the United States and is to sale the 1st of next Month I received your letter about one month Ago and glad enough was I to get it I forgot To mention it before but never mind I was glad Enough you may be sure it almost made me Think that I was at home myself I should Have wrote this answer to you before but I Thought that I would waite and send it By Jamestown so that I would not have to send it by male Emme wrote in your letter that I never mentioned her in my letter I recolect now that I did not and
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