1850 Staff & Field Sword, Sash and Buckle

1850 Staff & Field Sword


Sash and Belt Buckle

This is an import sword with W. Clauburg marked blade, and etched with the St. Louis (MO) retailer, "H. Folson." An untouched sword, with patina on the mounts and scabbard, hilt, etc. with traces of gilt in protected areas. The scabbard metal is mostly smooth and free of rust with the exception of a few areas of build-up. No major dings on the scabbard; the upper screw that holds the throat is missing. The well formed hilt is also free of dings and scratches; the pommel cap. hilt, guard, quillion are lightly engraved. The grip wire is all present, some of the thinner strands are roaming in a few places, but not badly (three strand variety, 1 twisted section and 2 narrow wires). The grip is shark skin, normal wear, slight shrinkage near the hilt, and fine. The blade is 32" and has one etched panel on each side of the blade approximately 8" long. The left side has the U.S. within florals, the other side is the American Eagle, etc. The condition is general very good to fine, with a fair amount of original polish remain overall, mixing with age blemishing. A small percent of the frosty etching in the panels is remaining. T is some heavier blemishing and some pitting toward the tip starting just after the fullers. Fits nice and tight to the hilt, missing
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