1850 William Graham North Carolina Confederate US Navy

1850 mostly printed document signed by William A. Graham (1804 - 1875) as Secretary of the Navy (1850 - 1852). The document is an appointment to the U. S Naval Academy for John G. Walker for the 2nd Congressional District of Iowa. Walker is instructed to notify the Navy Department of his intentions. T are details about a reporting date and taking entrance exams. Graham from North Carolina served in the Confederate Congress from 1864 - 1865. John G. Walker(1835 - 1907) was career Naval officer who finished first in his class. In the Union Navy during the Civil War, Walker saw considerable action at New Orleans and Vicksburg including commanding a shore based battery of Naval guns during the siege of Vicksburg. Later in the War he was active off the North Carolina coast, involved in taking several forts and Wilmington.