1851-1951 Singer 100th Anniversary Sewing Machine

This is an incredible item! A 1951 100th anniversary Singer Sewing machine with wooden case and attachments! Included in this auction are the following items and their condition:

Singer sewing machine marked AK717054 with the blue & gold 100th anniversary plaque on the front. The machine is missing one of the plates that go around the needle area. The whole thing tilts up out of the wooden base to expose another small storage area underneath. The storage area to the back of the machine is complete with it's lid. T is a working light on the machine (with a bulb). The power cord and pedal is not removable and t is no damage. The belt is intact and not cracked. The machine powers on and the pedal works to power the motor but the arm that holds the needle is not moving up or down, it may just need some oil I do not know.

The top of the case is wood with a wood & metal handle. The top has tiny dot's of white from paint spatter on it. t is a c(an arrow) and (another arrow) o painted on one side by the hole for the lock. I do not have a key for this, my husband was able to easily open it with a screwdriver.

This machine came with a box (green marked Singer) with 8 attachments inside, most are marked Singer U.S.A. t are also a few old needles for the machine and the thread holder which is an odd size &
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