1852 25c Octagonal, 1853 25c & 1853 Round Calif Fractional Gold

1-1852-Octagonal 25c, 1-1853 25c Round and 1-1853 50c Round California Fractional Gold Pieces. See scans above. There is a small ding on the rim of the 25c Round coin.

Here is the story on these coins. I obtained them at an estate auction. They looked like Gold and I asked my local coin dealer. He confirmed that they were gold but said he could not put a value on them. Being a member of PCGS, I sent them for grading. They were returned with a little ticket say "No Number". I called customer service and asked them: "Does this mean they are fake or copies?" They said "NO, if they were fake or copies we would have said so. We do not have a number asigned for these particular coins." I believe you can confirm my submission by checking PCGS numbers 20333327-328 & 329. If you do not like them, you can return them in 7 days PREPAID, no questions asked.