1852 England Letter to Boston - Slavery,"Bloomers", Kossuth

1852 England Letter to Boston - Slavery, Women's Rights, Kossuth

Excellent content letter signed M. Finch, Manor Park, Rock Ferry [England], Jan. 23, 1852. Sent to Mr. Seaver Esqr. [The recipient appears to be prominent, in or near Boston. Possibly Benjamin Seaver? (1795-1856), politician, 13th mayor of Boston.]

Filled with fascinating text, touching on topics of the era - "Bloomers", women's rights, slavery, Kossuth's trip to America, labor, strikes, commerce. In part:

"I believe I am indebted to Mrs. Brown for those interesting papers. I wish I could return the obligation by sending her a bloomer lecture... Alas! how different would have been their fate had they come as a Parisian fashion instead of an American reform."

"[Kossuth's in New York] "He seems one whom men and women too delight to honour. If he is as great in action as in oratory, he is truly what Emerson would call, 'a representative man', and the only one we have in Europe at present."

Everybody is becoming warlike; men of business seem more concerned about the strike among the engineers...23000 men were thrown off..."; growing flax in Ireland since Chevalier's invention "we shall propose exchanging our cottonized linen for your 'Bread stuff', and thereby encourage your free institutions instead of your slave labour."; Exhibition
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