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Daily National Intelligencer
September 23, 1854
A 4-page original newspaper in good condition.
Very bright, durable and readable.
Paper approx. 18" X 23" inches.

CATTLE DRIVING TO CALIFORNIA- starting from San Antonio, Texas a company of stock drovers from the area drove stock to El Paso on a road that was possibly the best natural road in the road. The main portion of the road lead over a high, dry and gravelly table land. For 250 miles grass and water abounded in fine quantity, however the in last 400 miles grass was scarce and water not to be found in sufficient quantities for the stock drover. This territory was infested by the most bold, daring and dangerous of the Indian tribes, the Muscaleros Apache. The road to El Paso was for the greater part an excellent wagon way, but difficult mountain passes made for exceptions to this. The elevated country was for the most part plain, high, dry and sterile but the Santa Cruz Valley of Sonora was an oasis, a beautiful, fertile, and lovely valley. More. - 5 colum inches [second page]

RUNAWAY NEGROES COMMITTED TO JAIL OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, MARYLAND- a negro named Sidney, of dark complexion, about 40 years of age, a negro named John about 21 or 22 years
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