GRADING: VF=VF-20; VF=VF-25; VF-XF=VF-30 XF= XF-40; XF-AU= XF-45; AU= AU-50; AU+ = AU-53; AU++ = AU-55 SELECT UNC= MS-62; CHOICE UNC = MS-63; VERY CHOICE UNC = MS-64; NEAR GEM = MS-64 OR MS-64+; GEM = MS-65; SUPERB GEM = MS-66
Buyer pays $3.00 shipping & handling per item.
$2.00 Insurance is required on all shipments of $50.00 or more.
For auctions/shipments valued $1,000. or more, a $15.00 fee for REGISTERED MAIL IS REQUIRED.
I will combine multiple purchases to minimize your shipping charges. $5.00 Shipping, Handling & Insurance for the first auction, $1.00 for each additional auction, and $1.00 insurance for each additional $100. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Paypal Payments will not be sent to unconfirmed adresses.
We are self-insured with a major carrier and "INSURED" (i.e. "Steal me") will not appear on the outside of the package. If you decide not to insure shipments under $50.00, the buyer is responsible for damage or loss. We will not be responsible for uninsured shipments.
**RETURNS are a privilege I extend. If you remove a coin from my holder, then send it to a third-party grading service and they do not agree with my grading, you will NOT have a return privilege! If you want third-party graded coins, do not bid on raw coins, bid on graded coins.
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