1855 California Gold 20 Dollars Blake & Co. Token #C18

1855 California Gold 20 Dollars Blake & CO. Assayers TOKEN #C18
Replica Blake & Co. Assayers $20 Gold Plated Token

What a truly precious find! A rare and antique REPLICA of an 1855 California Private Gold $20 Gold Piece from Blake & Co. Assayers. It is thought that only 2 genuine specimens of this coin exist, one is in the Smithsonian and the other is in the Bank of California collection. Blake & Company was a prominent assayer in the gold rush and made ingots from raw gold. This is a very nice and rare antique REPLICA AND IS GOLD PLATED .

This coin was produced by Chrysler Corporation in 1969 as a marketing strategy to promote a trim package for their Plymouth Duster called the Gold Duster. What a highly collectible piece of Detroit, American, and California Gold Rush History. The reverse reads “SAC. CALIFORNIA 20 DOLLARS SMV” and has an image of a coining press in the center. The token is 32 mm in diameter and weighs 14.7 grams. All text is legible and the token still has nice original luster and the plating is in great shape with only mild discoloration .

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