You are bidding on an original Civil War Forage cap by the famous maker Lewis J. & Issac Phillips. L. J. & I. Phillips w contracted by the US government to produce approximately 800,000 forage caps for the U.S. Army during the Civil War.

The condition of this cap is wonderful. The deep blue body is in near mint condition with almost no moth nips or holes. It has a few marks but is in great condition. As you can see the top is wonderful. The tarred leather visor has very little crazing as seen with many original caps from Civil War. The chin strap is t with the regulation brass slide. The type of brass slide indicates it is the 1858 version. Regarding the brass slide the Quartermaster called this "Slide, of No. 19 Sheet Brass, 7/8" of an inch wide." The chin strap is fastened to each side by the regulation US Eagle brass button. The interior has some fraying of the delicate sweat band with some of the Buckrum or hemp visible underneath. This is a simple fix and can be restored to almost mint condition. The label, or most ot it, is present. It says "Size No. 5, 7-1/4, L. J. & I. Phillips, U.S. Army.

The body of this Forage cap have few equals. It is in the nicest condition i have ever seen on this type of original Forage Cap. These sell for upwards of $4,000. is your chance to get a great Original Civil
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