1858 Currier & Ives lithograph, HIAWATHA"S

Currier & Ives original lithograph HIAWATHA"S WEDDING. I believe this is the original frame and glass becuase the glass is sort of rippled almost. lithograph reads below picture: entered according to act of congress in the year 1858 by currier & ives, in the clerks office of the district court of the southern district of NY. "From the wigwam he departed. Leading with him laughing water, hand in hand they went together tro the woodland and the meadow" And the ancient arrow maker sat down by his sunny doorway, murmuring to himself and saying Thus it is; our daughters leave us." Lithograph in good shape but has some type of damage to bottom right corner of print, and the margin is dark with age. My pictures should show the worst of the damage, But anyone interest may email me and I will gladly send additional pictues. Thank you!!!