1858.Mary Clarke.Fine Binding.World Noted Women,Attributes.Charles Staal Ills

The Author was Mary Clarke The title of this book is: World-Noted Women, or Types of Womanly Attributes of All Lands and Ages.. It was published in New York in 1858. James Buchanan was President. The Lincoln Douglas Debates were held. Minnesota became a State. John Brown raided Harper's Ferry. The size of the book, as measured by its covers, is 11 1/4" x 8" [ which is formally described as octavo (8vo )], and it is 2" thick. The binding is brown leather with heavily decorated gold embossing. In reverse of the boards, the outer edges are embossed and decorated with gold. The two pages inside the covers, front and back, are decorated with green leaves, brown vines, and a tan background [ formally called the front end papers (feps ) and the rear end papers (reps). There are 4 pages before the title page, and these include a full page "frontis" print of Sappho, which has a protective tissue. Page numbering starts with the Title page (page 1) and ends on page 9. The main text includes page 10 to page 407. There are 4 pages after the text ending just before the rear end papers [ reps ).

There are 17 Charles Staal full plate portraits of Famous Women, one for each women described.

The 17 featured Women are: Sappho, Lucretia, Aspasia, Cleopatra, St. Cecillia, Heloise, Laura, Valentine De Milan, Joan of Arc, Margaret of Anjou, Isabella
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