1859 ADVENT HERALD American Millennial Assoc Millerites

Advent Herald


Whole No. 959

Volume XX. No. 40.

Saturday, October 8, 1859

Published Boston, Mass

The American Millennial Association

Sylvester Bliss; Business Agent

Committee on Publication:

J. V. Himes

J. Pearson, Jr.

O. R. Fassett

The Editor, Sylvester Bliss (1814–1863) was a Millerite minister and served first as assistant editor, then editor, of the Millerite journal, The Signs of the Times and remained until his death the editor of the Advent Herald

This is a single sheet of measuring 25 ½ inches by 36 inches, folded to make 8 unopened pages measuring 12 ¾ inches by 18 inches, minor foxing throughout, some staining and chips at the folds, rubbing at the folds with some very small loss to the text, a bright clean copy.

The Albany Conference in 1845, attended by 61 delegates, was called to attempt to determine the future course and meaning of the Millerite movement. Following this meeting, the " Millerites " then became known as "Adventists" or "Second Adventists". However, the delegates disagreed on several theological points. Four groups emerged from the conference: The Evangelical Adventists, The Life and Advent Union,
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