1859 Moringville, Westchester Co., NY, DPO Stampless SL

1859 Moringville, Westchester County, New York, DPO smallish (4¼in. x 2½in.) stampless cover sent November 2 to New York City (no receiving stamp), unboxed straight line postmark (52mm x 12mm), month/day, and “Paid” handstamps all in red, no enclosure. Originally known as Morningville for a two week period, the Moringville post office was in operation for only 13 years from April 19, 1847, to August 24, 1860, when it closed with no record of moving mail service.

Postmark is listed in the American Stampless Cover Catalog (1997) as being seen from 1860 to 1861 (needs updating) and with a value of $85.00.

While the year mailed cannot be confirmed from the cover or enclosure, November, 1859 is most likely from the dates of the post office and the postmark seen.

Condition is stronger strikes than usual, overall staining on the front and large stain on the back, ragged opening of backflap with tears.

Please note: Following a broadly accepted practice, the DPO (Discontinued Post Office) designation is used for any post office that is no longer in operation OR is in operation with a different name, with a different spelling, in a different county OR transfers service to another post office, as stated in the description.

The seller of this item is the American Philatelic Society, a non-profit organization
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