Set of two very rare volumes bound as one, SYNOPSIS OF THE DESCRIBED LEPIDOPTERA OF NORTH AMERICA, Part I, the ‘Diurnal and Crepuscular Lepidoptera’ , ‘Compiled for the Smithsonian Institution’ by John Morris , published by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, February, 1862 , printed by Collins Printer, Philadelphia, and CATALOGUE OF THE DESCRIBED LEPIDOPTERA OF NORTH AMERICA, prepared by John Morris, published by the Smithsonian, May, 1860, both with its own original title page (volumes are classics, internet search turns up the fact that copies are archived in several antiquarian scientific libraries, I see no actual copy of either that is mentioned as available on any old and rare book site), first volume begins with a Preface penned by the author and dated ‘Baltimore, December, 1861’, stating that ‘It is gratifying that the science of entomology is making rapid progress in our country … T is an increasing demand for books on the subject, but as yet none has been published professing to describe all the insects of any one species of any order of our insects …’, such then, was such a volume. Follows is an Introduction , illustrated, describing the anatomy of the butterfly generally, the massively detailed work itself then opens, and Sections then include, in part, Description of Species, Rhopalocera, Papilionidae, Pieridae,

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