*1860* Civil War HARPER'S Jan Issue 150pp HARPERS FERRY

Perhaps one of the Most compelling issues of this periodical's long run; and among the most coveted, content-wise, of its era.

The ** January, 1860 ** HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE . Entire Issue. THICK : 142 PAGES 2x Columned pages. NEAR FINE+ Condition. Wonderful Illustrations.

A PARTICULARLY COLLECTIBLE and HISTORICAL ISSUE, with GREAT CIVIL WAR ERA CONTENT-- INCLUDING, and most notably... extensive coverage of the John Brown, Harpers Ferry INSURRECTION (Partly excerpted in the listing below). Great condition; wonderful content.

Includes, beyond the very topical (Harper Ferry), e.g., a long detailed opening article on the tropics of Costa Rica, including a trek into a volcanic crater, by the Irish orator and journalist Thomas Francis Meagher ; Notes from Mt. Washington, from atop the highest peak in the Northeast; and much more... including a long spread of rural, period afro-American and European-American character Depictions.

HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. NY, HARPER AND BROTHERS. NO. CXVI--JANUARY 1860--VOL XX. Approx 150pp FINE . Self-bound (glued and stitched). Profusely Illustrated. Approaches FINE condition, OVERALL. Nice literary and especially notable news-worthy content (see below). One of the oldest and most prestigious literary and opinion journals in the U.S. Founded in 1850 as
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