1860 est. Antique Family Photo Album Ontario Canada (?)

I would say that this is one of my best and favorite auction at ebay. What make this photo album special is because it captures the ordinary life of a canadian family and documents it through images. Each photo is always a treasure, and it leaves you wonder what is the name of the person in the image, how he live his life, how he is related to other images in the album. Because this is a very special auction, i hope that i will not bore you with interesting details:

1. The photo album is made of a leather like material, maybe it is leather or not, i am really not sure, it has a metal round clasp that does not function anymore, the next owner needs to glue one part of the cover to the rest of the binded pages, but it is interesting to see that they have a different way of binding the album at that time it is also noteworthy to say that they use a newspaper in between the cover and the rest of the pages.

2. The size of the album 6 x 5 inches with width of 2 inches. T are 20 pages, and the album can accommodate close to 40 pictures if it is filled.

3. Gold had been the predominant cover aside from the ox blood album cover. You can note that the edges of each pages are rimmed with touches of gold color that are miraculously preserved throughout the years. In each page, t is a gold frame design that added beauty
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