1861 $20 Dollar Double Eagle Gold Coin SS Brother Jonathan Shipwreck Coin

This is a rare 1861 $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin minted in San Francisco salvaged from the 1865 S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreck...

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This coin has the initials "IDA" scratched on the Obverse, thus it was not graded by PCGS. The scratching was done during the time period, and not after the coin was recovered. If only the coin could speak huh! Might be an interesteing story behind this coin, however, I dont have access to a list of the people onboard that day.

These coins have sold for more than $25K at times, and this artifact is a piece of history.

Here’s the story of the SS Brother Jonathan

The ill-fated S.S. Jonathan sank to its watery grave on the Sunday afternoon of July 30, 1865.

The side-wheel steamboat set sail from San Francisco, bound for Portland, carrying 150 or more passengers. Among them were the illustrious Gen. George Wright, prominent Civil War hero of Calif., his wife and a close friend of the late President Lincoln, Anson G. Henry, who was on his way to take his post as the new governor of Washington Territory. William Logan, one of Henry's friends,
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