1861 German SILVER 1 Groschen - Prussia -Very Nice LOOK

1861 German SILVER 1 Groschen - Prussia -Very Nice LOOK

Here you have a very nice 1861 German SILVER 1 Groschen - Prussia ! Size 20mm . Photo is of the actual Coin you will receive, you grade! If you need more info or photos then please ask before bidding! Remember, if a coin in circulation is more than 20 years old and has no tarnish then it has been cleaned at some point in time(Except Stainless Steel Or Copper-Nickel etc)!

Paypal accepted but Mail-in payments preferred!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND CURRENT SILVER PRICES ARE RUNNING NEAR OR AT $29 AN OUNCE . Here are some examples of SILVER melt values per US coins pre 1965. US Dime $2.20(18mm), US Quarter $5.60(24mm), US 1/2 Dollar $10.50(30mm), US Morgan Dollar $22.00(38mm).

Because many of you have asked about the lighting in the pictures this is how I take coin photos: I use a Pentax Optio M30 7.1meg Digital Camera with settings of Super Macro and White Light with flash off. I use a small arm adjustable desk lamp with silver and gold colored coins to bring out every bit of detail my camera can capture. I do not use direct light with copper or bronze coins because the white light gives the coin a silver reflective look. While the light does bring out more detail it however gives the coin an unnatural color look in the photos. So I use
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