1861 gold dollar with total beautiful mint luster

1861 gold dollar with total beautiful mint luster, this is an excellent extreme high grade piece. MY pix tells the story, however it even looks better under the glass!

Under the glass you can see the faint outline of the face from the obverse showing thru to the reverse and the outline of the wreath shows ever so faintly on the obverse, this would only be possible with a totally unblemished new uncirk coin which this is!

This coin as well as others I have listed and will list in the future have been in the storage Vault when our family coin business went into hold about 30 years ago. I am now finally having the time to lokat , list and sell everything. Please be assured that these are the real thing and if you are unhappy with the coin in that it does not appear as described just return it promply for a refund less postage and insurance.

postage includes insurance