1861 Pocket Folding Map NEW MAP OF VIRGINIA by J.W. RANDOLPH w/ orig folder

The New Map of Virginia , Drawn and Colored by Hustead & Nenning, Hoyer and Ludwig Lithographers (Richmond, Va.: J. W. Randolph, 1861) is was printed in the summer or autumn of 1861 and shows the new county of Bland created by an act of assembly passed on March 30, 1861. The map shows all of the canals, turnpikes, and railroads in Virginia at the time of the secession crisis.

From the Library of Virginia on this map," In 1860, Virginia had 1,771 miles of railroads, more than any other Southern state. Railroads, canals, and turnpikes enabled Virginia's farmers, merchants, and industrialists to take part in a national economy, including the annual sale of millions of dollars worth of slaves to other Southern and Southwestern states. Steamships on the Ohio River and oceangoing vessels that called regularly at the ports of Norfolk, Richmond, Petersburg, and Portsmouth allowed Virginia's agricultural and business leaders to export grain, flour, tobacco, and other commodities to worldwide markets and to import manufactured goods from Northern and European cities."

This map is in really good condition. This map has been stored creased and there are remarkably few tears as a result. It needs to be stabilized. 1861 civil war maps are rare as they were used by the troops extensively and were lost and damaged due to usage.
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