's an old folded letter, the top half of the first page is dark and difficult to read. T's no envelope with it. Four pages of writing on a single sheet of folded paper.

The headline is Hugenot Springs, Va, May 13th, 1862, "Dear wife & Children" .

You can see clearly at the end, he signs it Wm F. Bennett. T were so many William Bennetts, it might take a good deal of research to determine which one wrote this letter. One way to go about it might be to search through the military records for a William F. Bennett who was at Hugenot Springs in 1862.

From what I could find online, t was a military hospital at Hugenot Springs.

As you can see from the first two paragraphs of abstracts, I was able to read some of the top half of the paper, and most of the second half. The second and third and fourth pages of writing are much clearer of stains and darkening and much easier to read.

From the mention of the late start of a Virginia 'Spring', it would seem he was from a state further south / southwest of Virginia.

Some abstracts:

[this first abstract is all I can read from the top half of the first page] "I avail myself of informing you that I rec'd your letter this morning .... that you rec'd the money that I sent you ..... I stay in the army ... the doctors say they don't ..."

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