1863 Ames Civil War Light Artillery Sword w/ Scabbard

Up for your consideration is this wonderful authentic Civil War Sabre created by The Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Chosen for the quality and quanity of their swords, Ames was the premier sword manufacturer of edged weapons during the Civil War. Founded in 1837 and although sold and bought several times since, Ames is still producing presentation swords today as the Ames Sword Company of New London, Ohio.

These US made sabres were modeled after the French Sabre style of 1829. This sword closely resemblems Cavalry swords that are today, still readily available; Cavalry swords were made in the thousands and most all Cavalry soldiers were issued one. The differences being, this model M1840 Light Artillery Sabre had ONLY 5,300 copies produced in 1863, far less than the number of mounted artillery soldiers involved in the war. The knuckle-bow guard which is a single guard that allowed it to hang close to the body. Also, this blade is more curved to allow for a hacking instead of a thrusting blow.

In 2005, Warman's Civil War Collectibles Field Guide Listed this sword at a minimum of $750 in any condition, so I will need to put a reserve on it, but a reasonable one. This sabre is in pristine condition, it has all of it's original parts with absolutely no rework or repair. The leather is still intact
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