1863 Civil War Token Patriotic G.Washington & North and South Handshake Strike

A very nice Patriotic Civil War Token with the Message that the Founding Father wants to keep the Union together as both sides of his shoulders are covered with the American Flag, and on the other strike of the coin the North & South are sharing a Handshake "Peace Forever" The Civil War Tokens were Patriotic, Business Cards, and were made due to the lack of coinage. By 1862 government issued coinage was disappearing from circulation, who said there was no collectors back then:) The good American coins were scarce and so businessmen turned to private minters and that was how we got these wonderful coins. Please check my other listings as I obtained a lot of really great CWT's from a professional collector who also taught us a little about these really collectible coins. I have some real nice R-5, and lower grades that were made with some real great Dye devices. It is really hard to exactly pin point the metals, but mostly brass, copper and bronze pieces. Thank you for watching and please feel free to ask any questions.