1863 Confederate CW newspaper STONEWALL JACKSON FUNERAL

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SEE PHOTO----- COMPLETE ORIGINAL single sheet Confederate Civil War newspaper, the Charleston Daily Courier (SOUTH CAROLINA) dated May 13, 1863. This Confederate newspaper is one of the very few to contain in its masthead the text: "Confederate States of America."

Prominent front page headline and breaking news report of the FUNERAL PROCESSION in Richond, VIRGINIA for slain Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson . Jackson had just died after being wounded in the BATTLE of CHANCELLORSVILLE (VA).

This is the BEST CONFEDERATE DISPLAY NEWSPAPER I have seen with news of the FUNERAL of Stonewall Jackson (T is a prominent front page headline, rare in Confederate newspapers).

T is also a front page ad "To the Ladies of Charleston" from the soldiers of Battery Bee thanking the women of Charleston for their gifts of sugar and tea for the soldiers.

T is a front page report on the prices realized from the auction sale of slaves in Charleston, VA. T are also many many many back page ads offering slaves for sale and naming the slaves !!

Thomas Jonathan " Stonewall " Jackson (January 21, 1824 – May
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