1863 -$5 Confederate States Of America Currency Note -Fine RARE Paper Currency

This is a $5 bill from the Confederate States of America issued out of Richmond. This bill , in my opinion is fine. It is dated April 6 of 1863 and stamped in red ( cancelled ? ) November, 1863 There is some minor staining on the front and back.
There is no tape or holes !!! The paper is crisp and the writing on the bill is clear. I am NOT a collector !! I acquired my collection of civil war currency and other vintage currencies several decades ago. Much of it was purchased from Littleton and another reputable company whose name I can't recall. PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOS !!!!! The currency will be shipped in it's plastic protector sleeve and will be placed in between 2 pieces of cardboard to avoid any bending. Feel free to email any questions. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your purchase and Thank You for shopping !!! International shipping will be the actual cost plus $1.