1863 Ohio Battery CIVIL WAR LETTER from Jackson, Tennessee - REBEL SKIRMISHES

Civil War Letter

This is an 1863 Civil War letter written by a soldier in the 14 th Ohio Battery - stationed as the regiment's headquarters in Jackson, Tennessee.


Jerome B. Burrows was captain of the 14th Independent Battery, Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery, Mayor of Painesville, Ohio (ca. 1866), and judge of the Seventh Circuit Court of Ohio. His son, Jerome S. Burrows, was a student at Western Reserve College (late 1870s) and proprietor of The Painesville Telegraph.

"Belching like a volcano" were the words one eye-witness used to describe the destructive work of the guns of Burrows' Battery at Shiloh. It was their first serious engagement of the war, but they held their ground and proved they had the mental toughness to go along with the technical proficiency and effectiveness gained from months of drilling by their captain -- Jerome B. Burrows -- a man already known for his sedulous and industrious character. Their failure to turn back the Tennesseans and Alabamans of S.A.M. Woods' Brigade was only due to the total collapse of Union infantry in formation to the right and left of them who, in the confusion and whirlwind of battle, mistakenly believed the approaching confederates were Federal troops and held their fire until it was too late.

Though industrious
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