1864 Civil War *Abraham Lincoln* *Ohio Presidential Ballot* Morgan Co.*Scarce*#5

The Lincoln - Johnson

Presidential Election of 1864

Super Nice Condition

A Nice Abraham Lincoln Ballot

from Morgan Co., Ohio.

The Presidential campaign of 1864 was an interesting one. "SUPER NICE" large untrimmed original ballot. The Civil War was still raging and Abraham Lincoln was running for re-election. Although Lincoln was a Republican, he chose Andrew Johnson, a Southern Democrat from Tennessee, to be his running mate. He knew he needed the southern vote to win and Johnson was accepted in the south. For the Democrats their candidate was General George B. McClellan, who Ironically Lincoln had relieved of the Union Army command in 1862. When the vote was cast on Nov. 8th.1864, Lincoln had beat McClellan with 55% of the popular vote and an electoral vote margin of 212 to21. This is for a Genuine electoral ticket promoting Abraham Lincoln for President & Andrew Johnson for Vice President. Approx.size: 3 3/8" X 7 7/8". This paper ticket features a woodcut of the goddess Liberty with a nimbus of stars (One for each State) holding a sword emblazoned "Union". From Ohio, it lists electors for the state at large & for each congressional district. This was used as an actual ballot and was taken to a polling place on election day. These ballots were used by the Union troops in Ohio while battles
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