1864 Leather-Bound Harpers Weekly -Full year-849 pages

1864 Leather bound year collection of Harper's Weekly Magazine, from january to December. In good condition, the binding is separated from the page, but the pages are intact for most of the book, except for the first 18 pages which are loose. the pages are yellowed and have some staining, but very few tears, good condition for a book of this age. there are many maps descriptive of the many battles and movement of troops under the direction of Grant and Sherman. One page illustrates the General Grant receiving his commission of Lt.General from Pres. Lincoln, Mar. 1864(pg.197). The illustrations are outstanding. History of the Slaves being released, the forts of the day, the important battles. Major General Sherman graces the cover of Sat. June 4, 1984(pg353) and President Lincoln and his Secretaries also graces one of the issues. As well as the illustrations, the magazine is full of humor, detailed descriptions of society of the day, the politics, and the Paris Fashions. Also are the numerous advertising from everything from lace curtains to money belts, hair dye to violin music. This is a must for any serious Civil War collector, you are getting the information from the horses mouth so to speak. This was also the year of the formation of the Sanitary Commission(pg229). This book has 849 pages full of history. Thanks for Looking.