[Rare Original Confederate Court Martial Document] “At a General Court Martial, convened at Russelville , Tennessee , by General Orders, No. 21, Adjutant and Inspector General's office, of January 26, 1864 , was arraigned and tried: Brigadier General J.B. ROBERTSON, of the Provisional Army, on the charge of conduct highly prejudicial to good order and military discipline. Substance of Specification - The use of language (which is set out) calculated to discourage his regimental commanders, and weaken their confidence in certain movements then in progress, and to create distrust in the minds of the troops as to the result of the campaign in which they were engaged… The court find the accused guilty of the Specification, with certain qualifications, but express the opinion that his language was not designed to weaken the confidence of the officers to whom it was addressed. They also find him guilty of the charge, except the word 'highly,' and sentence him to be reprimanded… while the department is gratified that the Court has felt warranted in acquitting Brigadier General Robertson of improper motives, it altogether disapproves of his conduct. By order: S. Cooper, Adjutant and Inspector General.”

Robertson was removed from his command and sent to Texas .

Confederate States of America . GENERAL ORDERS. NO. 24 / ADJUTANT
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