1865 WM. Rogers Silverplate Silverware - Int.Silver Co

WM.Rogers MFG.CO. AA - Meriden. Conn

(International Silver Company).

Original 1865's WM Rogers Silverplate

Rogers Bros Silver Plate Flatware Patterns A-C

Now that is just typical, with over 100 designs recorded, of which at least 68 can be found in the above info - we just had to get one of those designs that needs to still to be recorded!!!

Nor could we find the pattern in this listing either:

Patterns in Silverplate

These are Silverware that was comissioned sometime from 1865, when they then became part of the International Silver Company. They are marked on the back of the pieces as: ' WM. Rogers Mfg Co' which was used after 1865 by William and his son William Jr. and then later by the International Silver Company.

The selection of cutlery is housed in a beautifully wave-fluted crafted wooden case - however the wood itself has taken some rough handling - t are scratches and scuffs all about it's exterior. It is lined with a soft blue velvety, and white satin material interior.

The set may not be complete - t are in fact 8 dinner knives; 1 fish/butter knife; 1 sugar/jam spoon; 11 spoons; 8 desert forks; 8 dinner forks; and 16 teaspoons.

T is a packer's slip:"Boxed by 1706", and a silver foiled seal glued to the plush interior that states:
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