This is a Vintage Photo "CABINET CARD" of "Emil Rigl"

Its condition is very good. The colors are bright and the picture is sharp.

The front reads; "BLACK CROOK"

Emily Rigl (1854 - ?) [1 ] was a 19th-century stage actress who primarily performed in the United States . Although not a major star, she was considered to be a talented actress.

Biography [edit ]

Rigl was born in the Netherlands or Austria (sources vary on this point) and trained as a ballet dancer, as her father was an instructor in that subject.

She came with her sister Betty to the United States in 1866, where she debuted in the chorus of The Black Crook at Niblo's Garden, in which Betty had a prominent role. Emily left that long-running show after two years, studied acting, and joined Augustin Daly's company by 1874 as an actress. She was active on the stage in numerous roles on Broadway and in traveling companies at least through 1907. According to The Oxford Companion to American Theatre , although "never a major star, she was still considered one of the best actresses of her day."

Her roles included performances in Humpty Dumpty (1868), What Should She Do? (1874, for Daly), The Big Bonanza (1875), Saratoga (1875), Pique (1875, with Maurice Barrymore), The Galley Slave (1879), Mr. Barnes of New York (1888), Devil's Island
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