You are bidding on a Model 1867 Remington Rolling Block Bayonet with Scabbard used by Denmark . This historic bayonet, which is a second model with coil spring locking system, was made by Alex Coppel of Solingen , Germany and is so marked on the blade. The overall length is 26 ¾" with a polished blade that is 21 ¾" long. The muzzle ring is 11/16" in diameter. The grips are made of a composition material and are attached with five steel rivets. The pommel and cross guard have a white or polished steel finish that has some dark spots. The bayonet is marked with the maker's name ALEX COPPEL, SOLINGEN on the left blade flat. The number 66127 is stamped on the left cross guard. Stamped on the right side of the guard is 20B. 91. This same number also appears on the ball tip of the scabbard. Also the bayonet has a small crown near the release button on the left side of the pommel. The scabbard is leather construction with a steel throat and drag, which have both been painted black. As mentioned before, the ball at the bottom of the drag is marked 20B.91. The stitching on the back side of the scabbard has opened in two places. One is about 1 ½" long about 1" below the throat, and the other is 1" long and is 9" up from the tip of the drag. The leather portion of the scabbard is still stiff. It shows one spot w it looks like it may have been ... read more