1868 Civil War PORTRAITS Judges Politics Law Americana

1868 Civil War PORTRAITS Judges Politics Law Americana

ExRare & Valuable 1 st ed 42 STEEL ENGRAVING Portraits

This is a wonderful and rare offering of the following work written in English.

Main author: L.P. Brockett, M.D.

Title details: Men of Our Day: or, Biographical Sketches of Patriots, Orators, Statesmen, Generals, Reformers, Financiers, and Merchants, Now on the Stage of Action; Including Those Who in Military, Political, Business and Social Life, Are the Prominent Leaders of the Time in This Country." Elegantly Illustrated With Forty-Two Portraits From Life. By L.P. Brockett, M.D.,

Published: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co., 1868. First Edition

Contents include:

General Ulysses Simpson Grant Admiral David Glascoe Farragut Lieutenant-General William Tecumseh Sherman Vice-Admiral David D. Porter Major-General Philip H. Sheridan Major-General George H. Thomas Major-General George Gordon Meade Major-General Oliver Otis Howard Salmon Portland Chase Edwin M. Stanton William Henry Seward Hon. Hannibal Hamlin Hon. Benjamin Franklin Wade Hon. Schuyler Colfax Hon. William Pitt Fessenden Hon. James Harlan Hon. Charles Francis Adams Hon. John Adams Dix William Alfred Buckingham Governor Ruben E. Fenton Hon. Oliver Percy Morton Hon. Richard Yates Hon. George S. Boutwell Hon.
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