1868 GENERAL U S GRANT Presidential Campaign Ulysses Lincoln Memoirs 1ST EDITION

GRANT AS A SOLDIER AND STATESMANT his auction is for an original 1868 FIRST EDITION of " GRANT AS A SOLDIER AND STATESMAN " by Edward Howland.
I t is filled with 639 very informative pages of the detailed history of Gen. U.S. Grant's military and civil careers. It presents the history of Grant's early years, life at West Point, and battlefield successes---before and during the Civil War. The bulk of the book details his action in the Civil War as the Commander of the American Army with descriptions of marches, battles and victories. T hree of the last four chapters emphasize Grant's role in Reconstruction and his duties as Secretary of War under President Andrew Johnson. Grant quarreled with the President's conciliatory policies towards the South, his hurry to reincorporate the former Confederates back into the union, and his vetoes of civil rights bills. Grant aligned himself with the Radical Republicans. The Democrats despised Johnson for running as Abraham Lincoln's Vice-President, so he was not a candidate for the first presidential election to take place during Reconstruction in 1868. As the symbol of Union victory during the Civil War, Grant was the Radical Republicans logical candidate for President. I n part, this book is a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN BIOGRAPHY , p ublished just before
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