1869 Land Grant Autographed By Governor Powell Clayton Original

Starte Of Arkansas Land Grant At Dardanelle certified on Feb. 5th 1856 to John R. Smoot and certified by the Governor of the State of Arkansas on December 1, 1869. Signed by Then Governor Powell Clayton. Powell Clayton (August 7, 1833 – August 25, 1914) was an engineer, a Union Army general in the American Civil War and the first Reconstruction Republican governor of Arkansas. He was appointed as United States Ambassador to Mexico during the administrations of U.S. Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.
In May 1861 Clayton was formally mustered into the Union Army as a captain of the 1st Kansas Infantry. In December 1861, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 5th Kansas Cavalry and later to colonel in March 1862. During the war he served primarily in Arkansas and Missouri, fighting in several battles in those states.
During the morning and early afternoon of October 25, 1863, Clayton commanded federal troops occupying Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He successfully repulsed a three-pronged confederate attack of the forces of General John S. Marmaduke. His troops had piled cotton bales around the Pine Bluff courthouse and surrounding streets to make a barricade for the Union defenders, and it worked. Confederate losses were 41 killed, wounded, and captured. Clayton was appointed a brigadier general of volunteers
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