1870 $5 Note NES Silicon Steel Rare New York & Ohio UNC

1870's Nes Silicon Steel Company $5 note, Two vignettes, excellent color. Crisp, uncirculated note. Hand-signed by company President. Very scarce obsolete, engraved by "J. Morgan, Litho. Cleve. Ohio." Nes Silicon Steel was an early New York steel company, that also had a rolling mill in Sandusky, Ohio. This note is from Sandusky,OH.

The Nes Silicon Steel Company owned the Silicon Ore Mines and Patents. The Nes Silicon Steel Company was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, and engaged in the business of manufacturing steel in Rome, New York.
On August 7, 1872, the Nes-Silicon Steel Company made a proposition to the citizens of Sandusky City, Ohio with a view to the erection of a rolling mill at that place. The proposition, signed by the president of the company, was as follows: " The Nes Silicon Steel Co., of Rome, N. Y., proposes to the citizens of Sandusky, Ohio, as follows : If the citizens of Sandusky will donate five acres of land to the Nes Silicon Steel Co., in some suitable location for a rolling mill in said city, and loan on bond and other security after named, and on the conditions after named, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in cash, the Nes Silicon Steel Co. will erect on said five acres of land, in a good and workmanlike manner, and of good and suitable material, a rolling mill for
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