1870’s T.H.McAllister Optician Magic Lanterns, L&R set

T. H. McAllister, Manufacturing Optician, 49 Nassau Street, New York

From the heyday of tinsmith technology, own the latest in Victorian “Moral Entertainment”!

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Description: Both lanterns have dual-element 5-inch condensers and two-burner kerosene lamps, internal and external chimneys, sliding rear access door, and latching side doors. Each has a slide tray and tray holder. Each has a removable stop for the tray holder fastened to the tray slot by a chain. A mounting hole on the bottom of each unit allows one to fasten both to a single board. The base of each unit has a concealed ventilation chamber with offset ventilation holes.

Both lanterns have a patina of oxidation from use, especially around the chimney, one a little less than the other, but there is no surface-penetrating rust / severe metal damage. There are numerous places where the finish is oxidized away - as seen most clearly on the rear sliding panels. The bottoms of the units are surprisingly free of rust, suggesting they were operated in humid environments. These are workhorse projectors, and clearly have seen much use. The brass-plated copper lens barrels are inscribed “T. H. McAllister - New York” and have
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