1870's Brass Russian Samovar 19 in. wooden handles nice

Up for sale is an antique Russian Brass Samovar. The lovely piece features wooden scroll handles, a decorated spout and a spigot handle with "58" engraved on it. T are Russian symbols/ characters that you can see in the pictures located at the bottom of the piece but I cannot make these out. The Samovar measures about 14 inches wide from handle to handle and is just over 19 inches tall. It weighs 13 lbs.

For a piece that could be over 150 years old, it's condition is great. Flaws that you can see in the pictures and that are worth pointing out are the following:

The top rim is slightly dented on the lip and just under the rim, t is a dent along the strip of one of the series of star-like engravings. The top part of the Samovar and rim are rotatable, so for aesthetics of displaymanship, you may elect to turn the aforementioned flawed regions to the rear. T is a small (circular, size of a quarter) and medium size (oval-shaped, 2.5 in. long) dent on the rear of the piece that you can see in the pictures. Minute flaw: one of the wooden knobs has about a 1/2 inch crack in the wood, but the nob is still solid and in tact. You'd have to be nit-picky to notice this

As you can see in one of he pictures, the piece has the bottom sealant and tfore, should have the potential to contain/retain liquids. I would be glad to

Please feel free to email me with any and all questions. I am a friendly, honest person and my feedback is a reflection of this. If you want more specific about information about the conditions/ aforementioned flaws, please ask before bidding and I will provide requested information and take additional photos if necessary.

Thanks for your time in looking at my auction.

Today, I have added new pictures of the medals that are the best I can take with my cheap digital camera. NOTE: In the last picture, you can see another medal on the top base w/ the knobs. It's oval shaped and appears to have nothing visible inside the oval. The Samovar was tested today and does hold water. T are no leaks and the water is only released through the spigot.
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