1871 Japanese 1 Yen Gold Coin Bracelet With Coral, 18K Gold, Circulated

1871 One Yen Solid Gold Coin on Bracelet with Solid 18kt Gold and Red Coral. The Coral is 100 % Natual red coral and the bracelet is mostly comprised out of solid 18kt Gold, except for the small repaired section which is comprised of an unknown metal....either low grade gold or silver. The Bracelet was made sometime in the 1800's and the repair is very old as well.The Bracelet fits a small wrist. The coin is in circulated condition but in very nice condition......Please let me know if you need any further information!
The coin is solid gold and weighs 1.67 grams of 22KT Solid gold.......it is original and not a reproduction, it measures 13.5 mm around. It was minted in 1871 and the bracelet appears to have been made shortly after the coin was minted. It is made up of Natural Red Coral Beads, 18kt Gold Beads and 18kt Gold Chain ( Solid Gold, not marked but tested) with a small section of the chain and Coral being a later repair, the repaired area is approximately 3 Coral Beads long and the metal is unknown but most likely less than 10KT yellow gold.
The entire Bracelet is a true antique and nearly 150 Years OLD!