1872 10c PCGS PR66 Seated Liberty Dime (ABSOLUTELY IRREPLACEABLE!!!)

This very same specimen is the EXACT posted template coin (simply match up the slab numbers!) on the PCGS website for the proof example of this date. It is one of 7 thusly graded with only ONE single specimen graded higher at PCGS......The nerve of that one piece!!......lol.......The obverse is a highly reflective deeply mirrored gem++ and exhibits an extremely attractive iridescent green with an area of pinkish rose near the center. The reverse is also BOTH highly reflective and deeply mirrored with a tantalizing iridescent burnt orange and gunmetal blue around the periphery. Absolutely impeccable eye-appeal and truly irreplaceable!! Yet another "cornerstone" for ANYONE'S collection from Coinerstone-Enterprise. Kudos to our buyer! AGAIN!!!