1872 Horace Greeley Amnesty Eagle Campaign Token Medal!

Here is a very nice early American campaign medal or token made of brass, in quite fine condition overall, measuring app. 7/8" across, with a plain edge. This old patriotic piece shows just mellow, even wear, with a darker spot on the lower left obverse, and I have not cleaned it in any manner. The token has acquired an attractive tannish-brown toning over the years, and is has been neatly holed at the top. It is identified in De Witt's reference work as HG 1872-11, this version "much more scarce" than the similar 1872-10 type.

The obverse pictures "The Sage Of Chappaqua", as the newspaperman is named at the top, and the gentleman faces right, with small stars at the sides and "H.Greeley" at the bottom.

The center of the partially totated reverse pictures an eagle with a barred shield upon its breast, arrows and an olive branch in its talons. Beneath the mighty bird is the date "1872", with "Greeley. Brown. &. Amnesty." around. Ulysses S. Grant took this one. $4.99