1873 Farm Ballads by Will Carleton First Edition

This book is titled Farm Ballads, written by Will Carleton. It was published in 1873 by Harper & Brothers, Franklin Square, New York. I believe this is a first edition, back of title page says " Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1873, by Harper & Brothers, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. No other publishing dates listed. This is a collection of original poems by the Will Carleton dedicated to his mother. The Preface states "These poems have been written under various, and, in some cases, difficult, conditions: in the open air, "with team afield;" in the student's den, with the ghosts of unfinished lessons hovering gloomily about; amid the rush and roar railroad travel, which trains of thought are not prone to follow; and in the editor's sanctum, w the dainty feet of the Muses do not often deign to tread.' The book is in good condition, some wear to the cover on spine and corners. It is gold embossed. It contains 18 full page illustrations. If you have any questions please email. I accept money orders, personal checks, and Paypal. Buyer to pay for fixed USPS Priority shipping with insurance included. Thanks for looking!