Lengthy letters home to the U.S., 1875-1876, from a young woman named Clara who travelled to Hamilton, Bermuda for her husband's health (lung, piles). In great detail she describes the voyage down (seasick); the local population; boating; scenery; food; furniture; flora; other invalids. After staying at the Hamilton Hotel, then a boarding house, they move to their own cottage. Unfortunately, after at least a six month stay and while packing to go home, husband Will (who appears to be a physician) was still unwell.


"We arrived in Hamilton about 4 p.m. yesterday. The sight on the wharf was a novel one, a crowd of people and among them many soldiers with red coats and white coats. The Steamer cannot [go] up to the wharf so while they were building a bridge, a dozen or more little skiffs rowed by a darkey were going to and from the Steamer, to land those who were anxious to get on shore."

"Last night a house on Tucker's Island was blown off into the water. Three children were drowned. The mother died this morning and the father is very seriously injured. T are two signals up today denoting vessels in distress and wanting help."

"We started out, went up hill and down hill and on and on, before we had even a glimpse of the beautiful blue sea - but finally we found ourselves down at the waters
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