1877 American Pianist in Germany Letters; re Franz Liszt, etc.

1877 American Pianist in Germany Letters; Franz Liszt

Handwritten lot of letters home from Emma in Stuttgart to her husband Jack*. Some lengthy, with detailed content about her studies, her upcoming concert. (5) complete letters, plus one lacking signature page.


Of particular interest is a letter dated March 29, 1877 regarding Liszt:

"If I could get a letter of introduction to Liszt...perhaps I might sit at the feet of that wonderful man for a few months. he is so kind to all who come to him, that I have an ardent desire to visit him in Weimar."

"There was a remarkable concert given in Vienna two weeks ago in memory of Beethoven's death & in behalf of his monument to be erected there. It was said that this was the last time that Liszt would play in public. A lady writing from there says that the enthusiasm was something overpowering as Liszt came on the stage - the piano stood upon a carpet of flowers & the legs of the piano & of all the music stands were wreathed with the choicest specimens & a beautiful pyramid of them stood upon the instrument."

Much more, including Bach concert, trip up the Hasenberg, writer's troubled marriage -- she doesn't want to do domestic duties. "I cannot yet view the possibility of returning to what is your home but with distaste.
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